Artist Biography

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 Taxi Jump, PardubiceThe Off, NewmarketMerlos V Heguy, Pinks 

I grew up on a dairy farm in Cheshire were animals played a huge and fun role in my life. I have ridden all my life from my early years of riding around the farm and competing in local shows and for the Cheshire South Pony Club.  I now enjoy watching family and friends compete in horse races and doing some work riding. Recently I have been learning to play polo and went to -1 goal last year.

I have always loved the speed and power horses possess plus their physical beauty and uniquely individual personalities. I am naturally attracted to portraying scenes relating to my love of animals. Horse racing and polo interest me particularly, as does portraying the groups of people involved with equestrian sports. I am lucky enough to ride most days. This enables an intimate knowledge of horses’ physiques, their conformation, personalities and character.

My paintings have been purchased for private sales across the UK, also in the USA and Prague.

Painting for me is highly powerful and emotionally stimulating, I find great excitement in working out expressive ways to portray an image through a mixture of techniques. The challenges painting throws at me, challenges about how the image should be constructed, what colours should be used, what perspectives, how loosely depicted and so on are intriguing. To me painting is about figuring out visual and conceptual puzzles and enjoyment of the results.